Monday, July 17, 2006

Italia, Italia

The final shootout of the World Cup final game, Italy versus France 2006, was an intense moment. As a crowd of about 35 were gathered around a televison at the local outside bar in Camerano, the air hung thick with anticipation. Fingers were crossed, nails were bitten, prayers were mumbled, and some held their heads in their hands while peeking through spread finders. All eyes were glued to the television screen. Ages ran from about 9 to 80, mostly male.

As the last player lined up for his shot, he ran, he kicked, and he made the final goal. Italy had won the World Cup for the first time since 1982.

People shot up out of their chairs so fast that they knocked the chairs over. There was screaming and laughter, hugs and kisses, and tears of happiness. Every face radiated with a smile.

As the celebration began, Italian flags were flaunted as capes, as youth mounted their Vespas and took off down the roads. Twk teen boys were on a Vespa, one standing on the back. It seemed as if everyone in the town had jumped inot some sort of vechicle and were circling the town honking their horns or playing the Italian anthem. Red, white and green colors were in the limelight. For these people, this would be one of the greatest moments of their lives. This moment, this victory, would live forever in their hearts.

Kiley Peterson--Marquette University

Wearing only his shorts, the bartender holds a champagne bottle in one hand and a medieval sword in the other, ready for battle. The woman bartender takes the champagne from him and holds the bottle away from her face in fear.. The crowd cheers with each movement of the sword. He stares down at the bottle as if a hunted animal. The sword lifts up into the air and comes down. Like watching an execution, the neck of the bottle is severed cleanly and the bubbly champagne pours out like blood. The crowd cheers louder. It’s as barbaric as a fight in the ancient Coliseum with the crowd roaring more and more after each cut from the sword. Italia has won the World Cup. The celebration has begun.

Mark Rowan--Central Connecticul State


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