Monday, July 24, 2006

The International Language of Sports

Alcohol and sweat soaked t-shirts are carelessly peeled off the back of drunken Italians (and one drunken American) as the crowd belts a throaty rendition of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” in enthusiastic unison. It is only minutes after Italy has soundly defeated host team Germany in the 2006 World Cup Semifinals, and already a party has broken out on the streets of Camerano. Songs of national pride clash with the tinny bellows of Vespa motors creating an oddly beautiful dissonant sound of victory. Flashes of green, white, and red speed by at careless yet controlled speeds down the steep streets and flashes of white from the countless grins of jubilant Italians circle me like a strobe light.
This is an event that I know I am already proud to be apart of and can share in the victorious pride that the Italians are feeling right now. This is a feeling that I have felt as an American sports fan several times, particularly when my beloved Red Sox cast off their shackles of mediocrity and finally brought home that elusive World Series title. Sports and competition are the greatest international language of all and tonight I am having several stimulating conversations.

Eric Heinz--Gonzaga University


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