Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Boys to Men

Boys to Men

They are sitting in a row in front of the game, two to
a chair in the cooling evening, voices pitched low,
but squeaky with prepubescent hormones. The larger one
provides a lap for the smaller one--a hand resting
on the hip of his friend, his arm loosely draped over
his shoulder, lightly cupping his neck. Heads lean in
to whisper, mouths smiling at each other’s ears. They
have probably been doing this since they were old
enough to sit by themselves at the calcio, perhaps
unaware that time is running out for this sort of
display of unselfconscious fraternity.

Girls, then women, will replace their objects of
desire, and they will be too large to sit on one
another’s laps, but for the meantime, they remain
physically attached, leaning into each other in the
blue glare of the television, serenaded by the buzz of
the locusts, feeling the steady thump of their
friends’ heartbeats at their backs.

Elise Castle--Humboldt University


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